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Auto Motive Group Ltd. - the equipment for car-care centre, the equipment for checkup stations

Auto Motive Group Ltd.

It seemed to you that “Auto Motive Group Ltd.” is  a new name among the operators of the Ukrainian market of equipment for auto service? It’s not so. In fact,"Auto Motive Group" is only a brand new project that successfully implements a team of professionals, having more than ten years' experience in this business. The main part of a team was at the beginnings of this business in Ukraine.

Team of Auto Motive Group

Each of our team are well aware of anyone who at least once had a project to develop and organize a complete set of large automotive service centers, universal service stations, tire changers sites, areas and points of painting and straightening vehicles.

The equipment for checkup stations - this is our specialty!

Equipment for stations - this is our specialty!

Auto Motive Group - a close-knit team of professionals, from the CEO to the designers and sellers of consultants. It's many years of experience in the most interesting segments of the business - straightening equipment, painting equipment, tire repair, diagnostic equipment. It is here, as nowhere else in our area, requires knowledge and competent planning future order, an individual approach to every client.

The "Auto Motive Group”- is the highest reputation with customers and partners, dealers, manufacturers overseasmarket Car Equipment.

The main activities of the company "Auto Motive Group Ltd." - Process engineering, sales, installation and maintenance of equipment for service. Elevator, high pressure washer, welder, painting booth, or straighteningbench - the whole range of equipment for auto service organizations can be found here. And, of course, an individual approach.


We have also traditionally been open to cooperation with dealers and offer them our best and most convenient forms of mutual co-operation in any of the segments Car Equipment in Ukraine.

Our priorities - to become your long-term and reliable friends and your partners in all cases where you need a real professionalism, efficiency and garranties.
We will never regret our attention, knowledge, courtesy and time, that you and next time be happy to contact us or visit us as their trusted friends.

We are open, we have contact, we are mobile. Our suppliers - most famous producers of tire changer, coloring, straightening, diagnostic, garage equipment. We are always able to meet the demands of technically well-designed projects.
You must be inexpensive, but reliable equipment for car service - we are with you, you might want to organize your tire changer station or stations to plan a full cycle - we are with you.

“Auto Motive Group Ltd.” - Your reliable partner!

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